Dr. Diary

Reflect Daily Routine

Dr. Diary enables you to keep a private journal. No need to type a single line, you simply compose every entry from micronotes - Steps, Movie, Book, Party, etc. Customization of activities, end-to-end encryption, synchronization. Add activities you have been doing during the day. Attach text or number.

  • Statistics for activities
  • Fully customizable
  • Daily reminder notification
  • Private, securely encrypted
  • Unlimited activities
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Medical student

I love this app, it has dope design and great activity pictures. @drdiaryapp #habits #adventures
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CEO of Sausagedogs

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I use Dr. Diary every day. It is super fast and I can fill 16 activities under a minute. @drdiaryapp #creator #drdiary



All the features are free.

Are there any ads in the app?

No, we also hate ads.

How are my records secured?

Your records are encrypted with special key derived from your password, the key is stored only in your device.

Is there an iOS, web or desktop app?

No, there is not. Dr. Diary is available for Android only.

Which Android versions are supported?

All versions from Android Lollipop (5.0) upwards. It works great on Android 10. [UPDATED 23/02/2020]